Hey look, I’m four

I totally forgot that yesterday was my birthday. Finkweb’s birthday, that is. And of course, in celebration, I shall have to bake something. Nah, maybe not. What I will┬ádo is thank you once again for reading and sharing your thoughts on this little forum for the last four years.

February 2008 — I had no business starting a writing adventure, since I was hip-deep in teaching, rehearsing shows, and taking night classes. Whatever possessed me to go, “I think I’ll start a blog about nothing,” I’ll never know. The conventional wisdom at that time advised against starting a blog that didn’t have a specific purpose — and I was definitely purposeless — but I’m glad I jumped in anyway, because not only am I building a portfolio of essays for some future, pie-in-the-sky hopeful writing job, I’m enjoying the somewhat daily contact with family and friends: something very important to me. (Have I told you how much I love the comment love?)

Who could ask for a better result? All this blessing from a blog about nothing.

And I have you to thank for it. :-)

Happity birthday to us!

12 thoughts on “Hey look, I’m four

  1. PKPudlin

    Hippo, Birdies, two Ewes!

    And what’s this about a writing ‘job’? To heck with that! Girl, you need to freelance! Put your stuff on paper and send it out! That’s how Harry Potter got started!

    Can’t say enough about working for myself. I’m the best boss I’ve ever had!

    CEO, Founder, Music Director and Queen
    Melody Music Studios
    Cary, NC

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Why thank you, everyone! It was a happy “blogday” indeed, my wonderful “Seis Compadres.” I know there are lurkers out there as well, and I appreciate them, too. But as you know, it’s the comments that keep this little train wreck on the tracks.

    Big hugs to allayaz!

  3. Tom Hanks

    Happy Birthday Finktron! I always appreciate and enjoy your insight on whatever it is you choose to write about. I don’t think it has been about “nothing” so much as about no one thing in particular…which suits me just fine as you are well equipped to skillfully comment on and explore a great variety of topics. So heres to another four years and hopefully many more after! (celebratory clinking sounds of many expensive brew-ha-has…fine wines…etc)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thankee-sai, Tomasito! I happily clink glasses with you! It’s like I sometimes tell my students: I know a little about a lot, but a lot about very little. Ha. Sometimes I guess that’s a positive!

  4. Tom Hanks

    Oh I don’t know that that is true.. the part about knowing a lot about very little. You are modest! A modest mouse…err…rat..haha.

  5. RD

    I caught the link to this on FB. I thought you weren’t bloggin at RTB anymore, so I’ve been negligent in accessing it on a daily basis. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs. You have written about a large variety of topics and have do so in a very creative and forthright way. I love your exuberant use of the language and your sense of humor. I hope you keep blogging.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And I plan to, my friend — good to see you back! I wondered where you’d gotten off to. We need to have some java time when you get back to Purgatory. :P


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