Well I sent Mavis a huge long rant-and-blab email today, complaining about everything under the blue sky, so let’s all say a big Thankya to her for taking the brunt.  :cool: So only good stuff today, because I will behave and attempt to quell my inner Kraken.

  1. RtB fiend Stoney and I began our rehearsal schedule for Grease. Some of you will remember the “drama within a drama” back when the cast list was published. Well we are gratified to begin seeing that our cast selections (at least from the rehearsals we’ve had thus far) were spot on.
  2. The Js arrive tomorrow night for a sleepover. It’s all part of my rock & roll fantasy to use the weekends to get work done AND have some time to spend with my preciouses. I love being Grammie.
  3. Since my rant to Mavis, I feel a bit better about several things. That may spare some teenagers some hardship today. Again, we pause and thank Mavis. Selah.
  4. Had a hospital test come up negative — yay!
  5. Did I mention it was Finkday?
On my menu for the weekend: choreography, grandsons, choreography. A dance sandwich. How about you? What can I talk you into doing? Escribe.

8 thoughts on “TGIFinkday

  1. Mavis

    You may release your inner Kraken on me any time, Bird-O-Mine! I can handle it. Besides – I’m bigger. :-)

    I’m THRILLED about the negative test results!!! Keep ’em coming, kiddo.

    My plans for the weekend – stay bundled in my favorite jammies/blanket, take my medicine for my bronchitis, watch the Oscars. Did I mention sleeeeeeeep? Have fun with those adorable J’s, you wonderful Grammie, you! I just thought of something….you should get a “Grammie” award! hehehe

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Why thank you, Mavis — especially for the Kraken ticket. LOL

      And you get rid of that nasty bronchitis. Sometimes, only blankets, jammies, tea, drugs and rest will do! HUGZ

      “Grammie” — HAaa. Yer so *punny*

  2. stoney

    I am going to babysit my darling grandson tonight, and I will also be a pretend playwright this weekend. Grease rewrites-here I come!

  3. Country Mouse

    Yay for people to vent to!! Enjoy your weekend with choreography and the J’s! I am going to spend the weekend celebrating 3 family birthdays, trying to find 3 gifts for those birthdays, spending some time with L & L and in between all that trying to get caught up on the things that I didn’t get done during the week so I can face next week…….as you well know there are not enough hours in the day!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey I hope you have some relaxing fun with the Ls this weekend. And eat some birthday cake for me, since the only way I’m getting any this weekend is if I bake it myself! :P

  4. Barj

    Wonderful to see you! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I almost wore the scarf to bed! It will be around my 50 year old neck today, too. You’re an inspiration and a joy. Have a lovely weekend, friend.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You are welcome, doll! And today is the big 5-0…I’d totally forgotten, wow! And you look all of 39, like I told you last night. :-) You have a great weekend too, and tell G-Dog I said hello.


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