Motivation, anyone?

Got’ny? Hm? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I am desperately trying to put on the dancing shoes and get some work done, but I need a terpsichorean muse; a happy feet raison d’être. 

*squirming in chair* I just hate everything today. This is a much-discussed phenomenon in my world. What to do when you want to put your fist through a kitten? Here it is 9:16 a.m., and I haven’t done a thing except pay bills, answer emails, buy something at Amazon, and drink café mocha. What a ne’er-do-well. What a nincompoop. What a donkey. And there sits the choreography notebook, all tired and lonely and forlorn…

OK, enough. Get on your feet; get up and make it happen.

Yeah, whatever. :P

Hey, thanks to all my awesome fiends for the birthday comment love. You are top drawer, and again, the main reason I keep this little comedy on the boards. *hugs*

7 thoughts on “Motivation, anyone?

  1. Tom Hanks

    Ooh thats a rotten way to feel. Sorry to hear it.

    Sometimes on days like that I make an actual list of all the things that I hate and it makes me feel better. Last time I did there were only about three things that were not on the list. I can only remember two of those…fish and trees.

    And today I hate both of those things.

  2. Skylar

    I’m going to find you a stress kitty one day – like a stress ball, but more satisfying because of your hatred of felines.

    Besides, if you kill time working on the tedious things, the time between now and when the smallchildren grace you with their presence will fly. :)


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