Holy hair extensions, Batman

Does anyone else think these look bad? Fake? Unattractive? (Click all the photos for larger views.)

Britney Spears is the worst offender. I mean, look at the short hair on top and the obviously tied-in junk. It looks wound so tight that her scalp could flipping dislodge at any second. It’s grotesque. And this is supposed to be “hot” right now? I think it just looks unnatural, and like the lady hasn’t washed her hair in weeks.
Same thing with Penelope Cruz. Ugh. Wash ’em, girl. They nasty.

Then there are the gals who apparently think it’s attractive to have a huge avalanche of hair appear to grow out from underneath their ears. I swear I don’t see the point of it. [Have you ever seen this from the back? It looks like a pair of ragged drapes, pulled back to expose a hairy neck.]

Then it’s the stringy look. Makes me crazy. I guess some people like it, but I think it shouts, “Hey, I’m wearing half a wig that I never brush.”

Disclaimer: Lord knows — and so do all my friends/family — that I have my hair issues. But I’m trusting them to tell me if I’ve gone too far, especially in the event I’d actually start buying more hair. I can hardly control what I already have.

Fink out.

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