Oh, dear.

I have to admit I laughed when I read some blog responses to the news that Dina Lohan had been presented with the The Mingling Moms Organization (????) Top Mom award. I’m not saying that Dina shouldn’t have it. Really. I mean, pounding down shots in a club with your underage daughter (as you do) isn’t that big a deal. Mom was there watching her, right?


Here are a few responses to the news, in their (largely) unedited form. Have to admit, I got a kick out of some of them.

“And President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will be recognized at the same dinner as the World Leader of the Year.”

“Give Dina Lohan a break, let us see you raise a beautiful talented star like lindsay who is loved all round the world. she is bigger than you think, and God bless lindsay, britney and hillary clinton. and god bless africa.”

“She can be joined on stage by Britney Spears mother as well. That would double the farcical non-funny muppets on the stage.”

“Ah, the new low standard to shoot for in parenting. It’s endemic in today’s society, though, this penchant for rewarding mediocrity. You see it on meaningless ‘feel good’ bumper stickers all the time (“My child is still breathing well at OurLocalGradeSchool”)…”

HAA — that last one’s a killer. Loved it.

The best quote:

Mingling Moms president Erica Logiudice called Dina “such a dedicated mom . . . Through all the ups and downs of Lindsay, she has been by her side.”

Well shyeah….who likes to party alone?

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