If and how and where

If you wanted to disappear in this highly technological age, when almost anything and anyone can be found, how would you do it? Where would you go?

Well, first thing I’d do is ask Osama bin Laden for some expertise on the subject. Thasswhat I’d do. But since I wouldn’t actually be able to find him, I’d probably just experiment. Like Evan.

Evan Ratliff is a freelance writer who decided to test the system after writing a story for Wired on the guy in Arkansas who faked his own death and disappeared. But this time, there’s fun and cash involved for the searchers, as opposed to the escapee.

Wired has offered 5,000 semolians to the first person to Find Evan Ratliff. That is actually quite cool. It’s like a cross between The Amazing Race and Where’s Waldo? As the article explains, Evan disappeared and left his credit card and other personal, trackable information with someone at the magazine. Clues are given out on the site each day.

If I had the time and the ambition (both in reeeeeally short supply at the moment), I’d get my sleuth on and try to participate. Sounds like fun.

But so does a nap. *yawn*

Fink out. (You’re yawning right now, aren’t you.)

8 thoughts on “If and how and where

  1. Sam

    Did he use to work for Popular Science Magazine? There was a guy there that did the same thing about 2 years ago… and the name sounds awfully familiar.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Couldn’t find that on a cursory search, Sam. But it could be…he’s written for quite a few papers & journals.


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