Too much undone

Boo hoo.

As I sit here drinking coffee and reading news, I realize that in 48 hours, I’ll be driving to school for my contract day — and there’s a whole lot I didn’t get done this summer.

I know — I’m fortunate to have a summer break at all (such as it was). That’s the upside of choosing a career that pays lower than any other in which a majority of the workforce possess graduate degrees. No ax to grind here; just sayin. Still, there was so much I wanted to accomplish, but didn’t. Behold the loose ends:

I Did Not…

  1. Replant the gardens
  2. Lose 15 lbs. (actually, over the last week, I’ve gained six – ugh)
  3. Totally rearrange my classroom
  4. Finish that arrangement of Say Hey (it’s almost done, however)
  5. Save more money for next summer’s vacations to Florida and Texas
  6. Get any choreography done for the fall musical
  7. Remodel the last of our three guest bedrooms
  8. Do the heavy spring cleaning I didn’t do back in April
  9. Get the air conditioning fixed on my truck
  10. Cook a bunch of meals and freeze them

Other than that, it was quite the productive summer.

Seriously though, the best part was getting to spend time with family — something I have not done for several years because of coursework. Feels good to be (almost) free of the “I’m a student” ball and chain. On 2 September, I start the last graduate course I will ever take, for as long as I live. That makes me happy.

I got really, really sidetracked last spring, but now I’m back on the horse, and for good. I’m “in it for the long haul,” as I’ve heard it said. La vida es buena.

So…why so serious? I shouldn’t worry about my list of undones, so I won’t. I’ll worry about yours. What all didn’t you pull the trigger on this summer?

Fink out (of vacation time).

13 thoughts on “Too much undone

  1. Meg

    #4. For BG??
    #5. Take our condo in FL. You’d love it.
    #6. GET CRACKIN…ha
    #9. My AC is shot too…but I work at a car lot and could get it fixed any time a want. But do ya think it’s fixed? Naaw.

    Hey, someone has a berfday comin up REAL soon… *strokes chin*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #4. Yep!
      #5. Well thankya! I’ll be staying with nephew Jason when I’m in Ocala, but where’s your condo? Ocean or Gulf side?
      #6. I know. Gotta go buy some ideas. *sigh*

      Berfday? Whatever do you mean by berfday? I don’t see no berfday here. Move along, folks.

      1. Meg

        Yes’m, a berfday! I am willing to bring you a treatsy to celebrate. What would you like, Ms. Fink???
        (I am still working on the pony that you previously requested…)

  2. Mavis

    You already HAVE a pony you can ride at home! His name is Rousseau. BWAHAHAHAHA! Love you, my little Finkster.


    1. Rat Fink Post author


      Now a princess can’t have too many ponies, now can she Mavis?? I mean, what will you ride when you come over?



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