Iowa and westward

So, Iowa was basically just a stopover because Lake Winnebago to South Dakota would have been a *bit* of a stretch on the old sit bones.

Night before last, I caught a candid of the Thriller and his brother John, enjoying the evening from the best seat in the house (in the back yard, facing the lake).

It’s funny, hearing them talk, how siblings just pick up where they left off. From planets and stars to politics to conspiracy theories, they fell into endless yammering almost immediately. It was fun to listen to and watch.

John doesn’t do email, and neither brother is any good at phone contact, so they basically see and talk once a year, when we all get together at Mom’s. But to hear them chatter on and on, you wouldn’t know it.

Boys are silly. :-P

The picture of the day, however, is courtesy of Wautoma, Wisconsin, where we had to stop and wait for some very special pedestrians to cross the road:

So it’s off to Mount Rushmore today, and we are excited to reach the forest and the lodge, where we’ll hole up for two days. Eight hours of driving today and we’ll be ready for some R & R. Good thing is that I have no idea what day it is, heh. The sign of a relaxing vacation.


7 thoughts on “Iowa and westward

  1. RD

    Glad you’re having a super relaxing and enjoyable time.

    My brother and I are also, by your definition, silly boys. We have little to no contact other than annual visits, but we have extremely interesting and cordical conversations when we’re together. It happens for us next month as we gather to celebrate our mothers 94th birthday.

    1. Fink on the road

      Ha, yep and you oughta know! We just dipped down into Northwood for the night, then it was back up through MN and into SD.

    1. Fink on the road

      Yeah I’ve not heard you talk much about emailing your brother. Great that you guys can just pick up where you left off. And those ducks were the cutest! I wish I’d had the camera ready sooner, so I could have snapped them when they were all in single file, taking up the whole crisswalk. CUTE


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