Lake Winnebago

Or Paradise, whichever you prefer.

The largest fresh water lake in Wisconsin is home to the Thriller’s parents. We are enjoying the beginning of the Odyssey in fine style. I swear, I need to get out of here, though. If I eat many more of my mother-in-law’s meals, I’m going to have to spend a significant chunk of our vacation money on a new wardrobe. What a cook, oh my. *blerk*

It’s been incredibly relaxing, given the rather interesting way the whole thing began, heh. Some photographs of my incredibly stressful environment follow. I’ve left them in their original¬† huge-ish state in order to maximize your viewing experience. :-)

Tomorrow, we say goodbye and head out to Iowa. If there’s anything wonderful to report, I’ll check in with photos then.

Ta! Back to the sounds of the waves off the lake.

5 thoughts on “Lake Winnebago

  1. Bill

    Just curious….you say, “The largest fresh water lake in Wisconsin”….do they have an Ocean there?……lol

  2. Fink on the road

    Hey, I’m just repeating what I’m told, LOL. Is there such a thing as as salt water lake? I dunno!


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