It’s all relative

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Hello to my 100 worldwide readers. (I hear I’m pretty big in Japan — two hits from there in the last month.) ;-)

It’s been a few days since I last wrote to you. During that time, the Thriller has had both good news and bad news, and a new radiation treatment.

The bad news was time-related, but as we all know, a) no one knows for sure, b) there have been thousands of inexplicable turnarounds in people’s cancer journeys, resulting in long life, and c) when it all shakes out, we’re all on the same road, right? So everyone — not just cancer patients — should live purposefully and celebrate every day. That’s what we’re doing here, and for the long haul. Time’s all relative, anyway.

Insomuch as I need to practice what I preach, I took some personal stock last week. The truth is that many people in my family (especially my sister, Mavis) have seen to it that Michael received excellent, loving care while I am at work. And that’s what began to gnaw at me, I think: others are caring for him while I’m at work — the place I’ve put above all else for the last two decades.

Time out. Strike that. Reverse it.

So I sat right down and wrote an email to my three bosses (two principals and superintendent) and said pretty much what I said above. I told them it was time now for me to spend more days at home, caring for what/who is most important. Granted, that puts my upcoming Christmas performances in a bit of jeopardy, but I’m happy to report that not only were my superiors completely supportive and understanding about everything, I think I’ve worked it out so I can take the time I need away, but still do the gigs.

So for the time being, there’ll be no more 4:30 alarms set. With the exception of my going in for some afternoon rehearsals, during which Mavis will cover for me, I am home until school resumes in January.

What does the Thriller think of all this? He was happy to hear it, but I’ll wager he will end this coming week pining for some solitude. :-D

Much love,


11 thoughts on “It’s all relative

  1. Mavis

    You’ve made a wonderful and loving decision, Bird. I know Michael is thrilled that you both will be spending more time with each other. I’m happy that your bosses, students and your entire school community is on board with your decision. You both are very loved and so important to so many. We’re all here for you and will be there for you and Michael. I love you both!

  2. Darice

    So very happy to hear this…your mornings will no doubt be more joy-filled and celebratory than they had been lately. Removing the ‘have tos’ for the real thick and gooey ‘want tos’ is one of the most freeing choices you’ll make. I’m dancing for you both. So much love… #TeamThriller

  3. Nancy

    Keeping you all up in my prayers. I’m so very happy to hear that the school is honoring your request and that it all worked out for all.

  4. Deb Clemons

    So glad to hear you are being fully supported in your decision to be at home. May your days ahead be blessed. Continued prayers for you all.

  5. David

    Hooray Ms Fink!
    You are so right…we spend so much time surrounding “what we do” and “what we know” when the important is who we are!
    I pray that this extra time for you and Thriller together will be overflowing with countless blessings! You both are loved!

  6. Lynette

    I don’t think there would be a single person here at good old S.C. that wouldn’t support your decision. So thankful for this time that you two can spend together and just know that you are supported and loved! Keeping you both in my prayers!


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