La dolce vita

Oh yes. Not one, but two huge, 135-cup serving bags of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. BoomR, you are magnificent. Oh, and thank you for the boss software, too!!! I still can’t believe it. What an amazing gift.

And speaking of not believing it…last night at 7:57, I submitted the final assignment for my final class at BU. I’m done. It’s over. For a couple of hours last night, I just walked about in a daze. Do I turn on the TV? Do I get caught up with the school website work? Do I start the program for the musical? I text-messaged my gal pals BarJai and Stoney and told them I couldn’t believe it was over. I still can’t.

Now I start a whole new chapter, luvies. Studying for the April tests. That ought to just about drive me over the edge of the Cliff of Insanity.

But for today, we dance. And drink DD coffee over breakfast with Helen and Lars. Dulcissima.

Fink out.

9 thoughts on “La dolce vita

  1. meg

    HA! Ohhhh Fink, i literally laughed out loud when i saw that pic – ’tis fabulous! And HIP HIP HOORAY for ur ‘educational success’ Congrats to ye :D that is awesome!

  2. RD

    You’ve worked really heard on your BU stuff. Congrats on successfully completing one “hoop.” I agree with you that DD coffee is both terrific and expensive. With BoomR’

  3. RD

    opps. I hit a wrong key, so I’ll finish now. “With BoomR’s generous gift, you can enjoy to the hilt.” Sadly, for me, it’s now decaf only.

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Yay, Carlitos! I heard this good news yesterday. You. Me. Starbucks. Friday or Saturday morning, 7th or 8th. Es posible?


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