Monday morning fallout

Well let’s see here, what’s cookin’ this morning?

  1. The Browns. Um. Well, on to #2.
  2. The Rays are going to the World Series. Anyone but the Red Sox, says I.
  3. Yesterday, I saw Helen, Lars, Jakey, Jakey’s Mom, and #1 Son — all in the same day. How great is that.
  4. Sorry fiends, but I have to say this again. There are some things a 50-year-old woman should not do.
  5. I am having tuna sandwiches for lunch today, and for dinner tonight, before rehearsal. Stop by; there’ll be plenty to go around.
  6. Eleven rehearsals left. There’s not enough DD coffee in this world…
  7. I can’t begin to tell you how cool it is to reconnect with Jan and BoomR. And we’re still crazy after all these years…
  8. I wish that *one thing* would be fixed so everything in my life would be truly great again.
  9. If I ran for president, would you vote for me? I’d run on the Really Cute Shoes ticket.
  10. Despite his ornery streak and penchant for slinky photos that make the Fink blush, TRO is a wonderful southern gentleman. (Sorry to smoke yer street cred there, friend. Heh heh.)
  11. RD is sunning his reptilian hide in Florida right now. Let’s hate him.
  12. I want Meg and Sam to get their colds over with this week, and not next.
  13. As Grand Vizier of Finkville, I declare today Be Nice to Those of the Opposite Political Persuasion, Even Though You Know You’re Right Day.

Are you listening to me, Kody? :-)


5 thoughts on “Monday morning fallout

  1. Stein

    1. Brady! Brady!
    2. GO RAYS! (Toldya)
    6. 1 Football Game remaining
    13. What if you’re in an area where there is NOBODY of the opposite political persuasion?

  2. RD

    11. Don’t hate me too much. I just finished cleaning out gutters. Next project — wash down the place to get rid of the mildew. No beach time yet. Florida is fantastic! The only rays I’ve gotten came from watching a little bit of the RAYS make it to the world series. I’ll probably pull for them in the WS, but won’t bet on them. Next year I’ll be cheering for the Cubs in the WS, but I won’t bet on them either.

  3. mathman

    WS is great as long as no Boston or no NEW YORK
    Would love to see the Tribe in there but as long as New York does not buy Championship life is good
    What if I hate both political persuasions, does that mean I do not have to be nice to anyone

  4. Kody

    After Boston ripped my heart out last October, it was really nice seeing their fans cry. In honor of your holiday today, I’ll say something nice about the McCain/Palin campaign… umm… Sarah Palin has pretty hair, and John McCain isn’t too creepy, I guess.


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