Random Neuron Firings

  1. Sorry, friends. I just don’t see the beauty. Never did, even when she was younger. Does that make me bad?
  2. Fellow crusties: Remember the nighttime soap of the 80s, Dallas? Remember Victoria Principal, who played Pam Ewing? Well, she denies having plastic surgery. Riiiiiiiight. I mean, do the nip-tuck thing (Lord knows I will when the time comes), but give us some credit for getting out of bed in the morning.
  3. Think we’re coming close to nuclear war now ? Well there was this one time…

Man. Software’s crazy this morning. Better post this and get it over with before I lose everything. (That, and school’s about to start…)

Fink out.

2 thoughts on “RNF XI

  1. BoomR6969

    Oh, lawdy…you would have to bring up “Dallas”… I remember sitting in my AC (AU) dorm room on a Friday night, glued to my 12′ b/w TV, watching that show, eating Oreos & drinking Tang. Now THAT’s some livin’, ain’t it? :-) BTW, when you come to the Big D for the holidays, remind me to take you to JR’s and Sue Ellen’s (2 watering holes right down the street from where I have my usual Sun night gig) :-) *smooch*

    Is there any coffee left?


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