Weird Wednesday II

Today’s weirdness is called Gimme.

This from the Reuters wire.

Seems an attempt in Tehran to build the world’s longest sandwich was foiled before Guinness record book people could even measure it, because the spectators (all apparently ravenous) rushed forward and started eating the evidence.

The delicious lunch, made with chicken and ostrich meat, drew curious onlookers, who quickly metamorphosed into lunatic vultures once the masterpiece was completed. I guess they didn’t see the guy from Guinness going “Holy crap, WAIT A MINUTE!”

Behavior degraded from there. Crazed Iranians cavorted about, making mock and acting their shoe sizes, creating a shameless, free-for-all donnybrook in the street.

And all were well fed.

A few devoted scavengers stayed behind after the mêlée to gather the scraps for dessert. At the end of the day, organizers of the event were not discouraged; fortunately, they took enough photos and video footage that they believed Guinness would consider their bid anyhow. (I hope they do, if only out of relief that no one died in the onslaught.)

I guess the bizarre goes hand-in-hand with free food. Folks will do anything for it. Reminds me of last night before rehearsal started, when Brennan visited and brought chocolate covered pretzels. After my 10th one, I decided to leave some for him.


Ok, this isn’t weird, but I just noticed it, so here it is. Sarah Palin is way prettier than Tina Fey. Not trying to be snarky — it’s just an observation. I’m sure Tina is funnier, though.

All right then, my fiends. Go ye out into the absurdity, and make good things happen.


Photo credit: Reuters

4 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday II

  1. BoomR

    NOW you’ve gone & done it! I’m not speaking to you any more! You not only evoked the name of the Satan-mother (no, not Tina Fey), but you even posted a picture of the moose-dressing beauty-queen. The LAST thing she deserves right now is giving her even MORE bandwidth than she ever deserves.

    I need chocolate….but I’m off to my company-sponsored health screening. I suppose the McDonalds grilled chicken sandwich & fries I had for lunch already blew any chance I had for good cholesterol assessment …

  2. meg

    mmmMMmm ostrich meat – mah favorite!

    >>fink, go find me a backup pair of vocal chords on e-bay…mine are ouchy…AGAIN :[
    *sends flem noises ur way*

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    @ Boom Boom – I knew that’d get a rise outta ya! (But really…she is prettier than Tina!)

    @ TRO – leave it to you to take something good away from someone knocking your girl. HA

    @ Meg – you are going to be fantastic. Do you hear me?? Do not fret, Chet. It’s probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better. :P

    It’s going to be wonderful – don’t worry!


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