Once again, I wonder

I ponder the existential questions this day. Or at least, the questions that trouble me.

  1. When will the FedEx guy be here?
  2. If I hate the song “Birdland” (which I do, and always will), does that make me a bad jazz musician?
  3. What will happen if I see someone holding a script onstage this afternoon?
  4. How many mean people can dance on the head of a pin?
  5. Will Monday ever get here? (Yes, friend. They’ve extended the due dates for class. The suckage continues.)
  6. Am I really considering buying one of these? (Yes, I am, actually, for music software reasons. No vitriol allowed on this, though! Computer brand loyalty is like Republican vs. Democrat, Ford vs. Chevy, chunky vs. smooth. “And no minds were changed.”)
  7. Why do I not like the latest MadMen plot twist? Where is Don going? And who did he call in the last scene?
  8. Will this show be ready to open with 19 days and 12 rehearsals left?

These things I wonder. But…now it’s time to hit the shower and go watch Jake while #1 Son and Jakey’s Mom get ready to go to a wedding. Color me excited!

Happy Saturday,


10 thoughts on “Once again, I wonder

  1. Jan

    yeah!!! another conversion I see… If you cross the streams you will never return again.
    I am rooting for you! (See #6) That is not existential, that is reason!

  2. meg

    8. Will this show be ready to open with 19 days and 12 rehearsals left?

    holy jumpin geraniums…*jaw drops, bodily fluid magically appears on the floor, every curse word know to man is mumbled into one single sentence*

    yes, annie is ah-f-ahhh-reakin out

  3. BoomR6969

    Just in from FedEx: 6:31 AM – On FedEx vehicle for delivery


    Ooops – special note from FedEx: Pony in box ate one of the bags of DD coffee & pooped all over the place. Extra “handling” charges for clean-up COD.

  4. Rat Fink Post author


    I get home from watching Jakey, and what do I find?
    1. a Macjob (I can’t believe we play the Broncos on my OPENING NIGHT – ARG!)
    2. a freaked out lead actor
    3. a DEAD PONY!!!

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Ha – no worries, Sammy. I’m still a PC! My home machine and laptop will remain forever close to my heart. I will only use the Mac for my sequencing stuff at school. Promise. :-)

  6. BoomR6969

    Hey – hey – HEY! No “Platform Wars” as requested by Ms Fink in the original posting!!! (and besides, it’s a MacBook Pro that she really needs to get!) :-)

    How’s the coffee? *smooch*

  7. Rat Fink Post author

    Right you are, Boom Boom. Thanks for reminding us. *teacher glare at Samuel*

    I am actually enjoying a marvelous mug of DD at this very moment. The Thriller is also thrilled!!



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