New Mexico

All right, now we’re into territory that neither the Thriller nor I have seen before. And man, what a first impression.

While my poor family and fiends back in Ohio are suffering intolerable heat, I wore my sweater last evening while we were out and about in Gallup — it was 60 degrees outside.

We kind of expected a more desert-like atmosphere in northwest New Mexico. Instead, we got beautiful red rock, huge plateaus and buttes, massive expanses of horizon, and the Continental Divide:

Yesterday also brought the first thunderstorm we encountered on the road. Little did we know, when I took this photo, that the beautiful gray curtain of rain contained a crapton of hail, too:

I was too traumatized to take a photo of it while it was happening. :-)

The most exciting part of New Mexico happens today, when we hit the downtown area. We drove through it last night and saw no fewer than twenty Native American jewelry and crafts outlets — including the wholesale guy who supplies the Thriller with his beautiful, authentic Navajo jewelry at (yes, I’m spamming you).

Shopping daaaaaaay! Off to enjoy the gorgeous sunrise with some coffee and conversation.

Stay cool, fiends.

Fink in a blanket

7 thoughts on “New Mexico

  1. Thriller

    Another great day on 66! This has been the greatest experience in recent memory. Looking forward to another 10 days of this. AND, I’ve never been on a vacation where one can resupply one’s finances simply by playing a bit of video poker (*wink). What am I saying? I’ve never been on a VACATION!

    1. Mavis

      Thriller! Sounds like you’re having a wee bit of fun. ;0) I’m so happy for the two of you. I so wish I could be there to actually see the gorgeous mountains and scenery. Although, your Finky wife has made all of us “feel” like we’re there with her fabulous pictures! So, go off and have a fun shopping day. Remember – I’m your bestest sister-in-law who loves you the best…and I like pretties.

      Love you both!!

  2. Will

    Still sounding so fun and the picture of the approaching storm is gorgeous. Also, so jealous about the temperate weather. Stupid 84 degrees at 9:30…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know, Will. My fam have been telling me about the oppressive heat. Sounds like a good day to be at work or home or the car, wherever the AC is!

  3. BoomR

    “Fink in a blanket”… [[rolling my eyes]]

    I’m really enjoying the virtual drive along Route 66. I hope your Route 66 mascot guides you safely along the remainder of the trip! (and I’m with you on the video poker, Thriller!)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      We love our Route 66 mascot! I’d provide a picture of him right now, but he’s perched on top of the cooler, waving at everyone out the back window. :-)


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