NPO in the books

Now if July would just get here.

We finalized all the details for our National Parks Odyssey next year, and I must say we’re already excited about leaving. We also have to start saving money again…like, now. Of course, one helpful advantage is saving $25 at every fee gate, thanks to the Thriller’s NP Access Pass, issued to him by the VA, which covers all entrance fees to any venue operated by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, and the National Park Service. That pretty much covers everywhere that qualifies as a National Park or National Monument. Home run.

Behold the completed itinerary (northern trek is first — visiting Detroit, then family & fiends in Wisconsin):

As Jan said on Facebook, it is funny that we’re planning this just as the school year starts. Truthfully, I think it was important to plan it now; if the year shapes up like I think it might, we won’t have the gray matter to pull it off in May.

Ah, contract day. Bloodborne pathogens video, the annual Power Point presentation from the superintendent, faculty meetings (and when you’re a specialist, you get to attend more than one), blah. It’s all delightful, and part of Playing the Game.

But truly exciting? Tomorrow, Mavis and I leave for the Thelma and Louise Odyssey to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the weekend. Awesome. Going to meet some reeeeeeally special people. Great fun will be had. Photos will be published. Lives will be changed. Food will be eaten.

Is it Finkday yet? Why yes, I believe it is.


5 thoughts on “NPO in the books

  1. Rae

    I was just in a meeting (that I need to return to) with teachers and an alarming number were reporting savings with their OEA cards at hotels and restaurants (and barnes and noble) and the like……… I’ve never thought of that, but apparently it’s possible.

    (Gotta go back now…. ::hanging head::)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      So how was your fantastic day?? Heh heh. I never thought about using my OEA card, although I do get an 8% discount from Verizon every month for being a member (woo ha). I wonder if they’d let me combine OEA with AAA. I’m gonna ax…thanks!

  2. Greg

    I’m sure you’ll “enjoy” the contract day! I recall sleeping through the blood-borne pathogens presentation. Did you get new plastic miniature school buses this year? I think I might still have mine, stored in a box in the garage. You’re actually attending multiple staff meetings??? I just picked the high school meeting and gave a pass to attending the “other” one which took longer than the Oberammergau Passion Play.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      We did not get a new little bus, but he did ask about it! I still have mine in my desk at school. Actually, I didn’t attend the MS meeting today. Just did the HS one. I remember the years when I taught 4-12…I went to three meetings sometimes!

  3. Will

    Glad to see that you added Little Big Horn. I was only 11 when I saw it and I still remember it. Looks like it’s going to be a fun trip. Can’t wait until next year to read about it.


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