On the warpath

As if I don’t have enough plates to spin nowadays, I have once again taken on — for good or ill — the serious armor of the higher cause. It’s hung in the closet for a while so I could get through the fall musical and Christmas concerts, enjoy some family time over the holiday, and spend time with a friend before she moved 2600 miles away. But now I’m back at it. Goody for all of us, right? ;-)

Over the next few weeks, it will be (one of) my (several) life mission(s) to expose and hold up to scrutiny the ridiculous, abusive nature of the high-stakes testing element that accompanies the Common Core State Standards. Not sure how and where CCSS came about? This will be an informative 30 minutes. If at all possible, get a coffee and watch; learn. After that, if you’re interested in what havoc private billions can wreak upon a 200-year-old public entity, rent this. (I have it on DVD if you want to borrow it.)

What’s the difference between what I’m doing now and what I’ve done in the past, you ask? We will wait and see. We’ll wait and see. Suffice to say that I’m madder now. As Jake gets closer to third grade, I’m getting more and more concerned. Here is a boy who’s exceptionally bright and inquisitive, and who loves to learn. And what is the #1 complaint from parents where CCSS testing is concerned? “My kid, who used to love school, now hates everything about it.” In fact, I just heard that, in person, from a parent, three days ago.

Fiends, it’s go time. Join me? Ask me how.


6 thoughts on “On the warpath

  1. David

    Very discouraging things happening here in AZ as the newly elected Superintendent of Public Education gave her very first State of Education speech before the State Board. She ran her campaign on the single platform of getting rid of Common Core, she narrowly won the election. It appears she will do more for galvanizing the Core backers than repealing this insidious program…she unfortunately has NO plan. I listened to her speech and she came off as uninformed, ranting her campaign speeches anew and when given the opportunity to propose real changes she did not have a clue. I am so disappointed and would not be surprised at all, that after the 90 day minimum stay in office, that she will be ousted via petition as being incompetent. The Core advocates are licking their lips and I am afraid this will only serve to more deeply imbed the Core in AZ education.
    I share that because I believe that this must be met head on with intelligent, well-organized dissent…lead on Ms. Finkster!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      What is going on down there?? And since CCSS are mostly (actually, all) about $$$, your new gal will likely cave to whatever money-flavored leaf blows her way. Your only hope, along with the rest of the 40-some states who drank this Kool-Aid, is that parents rise up and rebel. They are the only ones who can right the ship!

  2. Candace

    My concern comes from the fact that I have 2 grandsons in the public school systems. My daughter is a teacher and shares her own concerns. I’m ready to join you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      That scares me, too, Candy. Like I told Dave above, parents (and grandparents!) are the last, best hope of starting a revolution to back this poison out of our system. Private, for-profit charter schools are the GOAL of this whole thing. Healthy, publicly-funded neighborhood schools will make zero dollars for the kazillionaires; of course they’re going to do everything they can to destroy every public school.

  3. Katherine

    We are beginning to discuss schooling options and I hate common core with every fiber of my being. I refuse to subject my inquisitive child to that crap, whatever that ends up meaning in our family. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears!


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