Oh, no. The parents joined Facebook.

I’m sure that phrase has crossed the brains and lips of many horrified teenagers over the last five years. And although my children are no longer teenagers, I try to make sure to not embarrass them on Facebook. Since my children, step-children and daughters-in-law are also my friends in “real life,” I think we’ve all done a pretty good job.┬áLars does not do the Facebook thing, but I love him anyway because he is my baby boy.

Notice I didn’t say anything about not embarrassing my children in blog posts.

I read an article yesterday about people over 50 getting into the whole social networking scene. This is news? I guess I’m among the exceptions: the people who’ve “been on the Internet” since around 1993-94, when brands like Mosaic, Netscape and Usenet were cutting-edge. When nearly *everyone’s* connection to the Internet sounded like this. So I take exception to the over-50 crowd’s techno savvy being viewed as such an anomaly. Dang kids anyhow.

Somebody’s car alarm is going off. Eight thirty on a Sunday morning, and there’s a car alarm going off at a house down the street. I hope it isn’t Lars and Helen’s…haha

Anyway, I saw a funny feature on Time‘s site. Why Facebook Is For Old Fogies lists ten reasons. Among them:

We’re not bitter about high school anymore. You’re probably still hung up on any number of petty slights, but when that person who used to call us that thing we’re not going to mention here, because it really stuck, asks us to be friends on Facebook, we happily friend that person. Because we’re all grown up now. We’re bigger than that. Or some of us are, anyway. We’re in therapy, and it’s going really well. These are just broad generalizations.

How true, heh. Some of the reasons don’t apply, but others hit home. Speaking of hitting home, I wonder how many teenage readers identify with this website. I thought it was funny, but I wouldn’t have 35 years ago, you know? Then again, I’m an old fogie who’s just now discovered she can “get on that Facebook page.”


There goes that car alarm for the third time. I’ll be back later. Must go find the Louisville Slugger and take a walk.

5 thoughts on “Oh, no. The parents joined Facebook.

  1. Suzanne

    haaaaa loved the Times article. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a youngster and have your parents reading your Facebook page. Had there been Facebook Back Then I would have either lied a lot or spent my HS days being grounded.

    I turned on the speakers and played the sound bite for how it USED to sound–H asked me if I was dialing in haaaa. Ahhhh the good ole’ days when you’d sit and listen to that sound and hope that it worked so one could get online.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And remember how mad you’d get when there was a busy signal? I sure do! I remember wanting to log into IRC and not being able to get a connection. I’ze mad as a wet hen.


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