Welp, the next time I talk to you here, fiends, it will be to say Bon voy-AH-gee!

Today is a day when we sew things up, to wit:

  • One final sweep through the house to make sure every power cable, charger, sock, shirt, GPS update and hotel reservation is accounted for
  • Lunch with Hannah and the Js, and hopefully a visit with another special little person
  • Kaffee klatsch with a pal later in the afternoon
  • Last-minute “car food” run
  • Take Rousseau out to BFF Kay and Bob’s farm for *his* vacation
  • Pack the Finkmobile and lock it in the garage till 6 a.m. tomorrow

Is that it? Am I forgetting anything? The Thriller arranged to stop mail and newspaper weeks ago, so we’re good there. Oh, I know what I’m forgetting —¬†to take you all with me. But I will be with you in spirit, as you always are with me, right? I love it when you “ride along” in my silly little journeys.

Yikes, the Thriller is vacuuming. I need to look busy er somethin. Until tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “Penultimate

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh yeah…I forgot about that one! We’ll see how excited we are at bedtime. We’ll probably be up late, chattering like magpies. But hey, I don’t hafta drive! Haha

      1. Rae

        Ha. It’s funny – you leave A-Town on the same day we’re coming there. Psh-sha! (Also — writing a blog you already have knowledge of. 400 words in, need more coffee. 600 to go…)

  1. Mavis

    You’re going to have a marvelous time, honeybird. Can’t wait to see some on-the-road pictures!

    Have a fun day getting ready, luv. Love you both!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Love you too, Mavis! Just had a great lunch and play time with the Js…now it’s back to work. Cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen medicine drawer, and finishing up some light packing is all that remains…then we’re ready to coffee up and move out early tomorrow. Pictures forthcoming!


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