Well now, I jumped out the bed at 4:20 this morning, ready to make a go of it. Rather wish I hadn’t done that, but I guess I can doze on the 6-hour drive to Hershey, yummy (I never have to drive on our road trips — how great is that?). If I won the Super Bowl and they asked me what I was going to do now, I’d shout, I’m goin’ to CHOCOLATE WORLD! The Thriller, in his inimitable way, asked me last night: “If it’s supposed to be 99 degrees in Hershey tomorrow, how the heck are we gonna haul around treat bags full of chocolate?” Hmm. Good question. But trust me — I’ll figure it out.


I think we’re both going to skip lunch. Wait, scratch that. We’ll have lunch; it’ll just be here. I’m gettin’ all hypoglycemic just thinking about it.  ::swoon::

So yesterday was crazy, but fabulous. I got to spend some awesome quality time with the Js and with our new 3-week-old grandson, who is a doll and a half. BFF Kay, bless her heart, offered to come get Rousseau since she was driving into town anyway, so I got to have her all to myself for an hour or so, which was nice. Great penultimate day all around.

Although we’re a good week shorter in duration for this year’s Odyssey as compared to the last two, it’s still going to be a great adventure. Speekina — I’m going to make the coffee, hit the shower, and drag the Thriller out of bed. I’ll be updating this space and Facebook, hopefully on a regular basis. Are you ready to go with me? Hugs to all my fiends. Yikes and away!


11 thoughts on “¡Vamos!

  1. Lori

    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures! My friend was in Hershey last week and posted a picture of her Chocolate Avenue Grill Chocolate Stout. Could be worth looking up!

    Happy Trails!

  2. Stoney

    Have an absolutely FAB time! Think of me in Hershey….ya know August 16th is not too far away (hint). Save travels!

    Luv Ya!

  3. Wendell

    Years ago when we visited Hershey there was FREE chocolate to be had at the end of the ride through the factory! We enjoyed Hershey Gardens, too, while we were there. Been to Gettysburg twice. Loved it both times. If you get the chance, eat at the Historic Farnsworth Inn in Gettysburg.

  4. Rae

    Good luck on your journey — a little bit of jealously in this household about it… so… last night, we discussed (and put dates to) our first journey! (You’re such a wonderful influence… ::evil laugh, twiddles fingers:: mooowhoahahaha…). Also… Grandson #3 is already 3 weeks old?! Holy moley.

    Have a great time!

  5. Fink on the road

    Hey, you guys are awesome. :-) Thanks for all the Bon Voyagees! We’re enjoying the trip out to Hershey, although we’re starting to think enough is enough already. One state over from Ohio, going out six hours and STILL no there

    1. Fink on the road

      … not there, I mean. But we’re loving the open road all the same. Cheers to you, fiends! Sorry about the sloppy phone typing.

  6. Tom Hanks

    There is nothing quite like starting a road trip! I think it is one of my favorite things to do. A good fresh feeling of excitement! Adventure! Huzzah!

    And you don’t even have to do any driving? Sounds like a good time for you haha.

    I’ve been sort of absent around here lately…but I’m looking forward to hearing all about this trip. I want updates! I want photos!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’ve missed you, ya old coot. And isn’t the no-driving part the best? He just prefers to drive because it gives him something to do to pass the time. Me? I’d rather pass the time reading or monkeying around on the web.

      Pictorials ye shall have, ye scurvy darg. Stay tuned!


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