Ready, steady…

Let’s do it. Shortened week, and hopefully productive on the school front. I’m psyched for auditions tomorrow night, and excited about a bunch of other stuff coming down the pike. The next three weeks will make me feel like I’m waiting to be shot out of a cannon, but I am determined to enjoy the thrill.

Factoid: After trying to explain my condition to the Thriller and not finding the right description, I searched my symptoms and found the word rugae, as it applies to my sore mouth after biting into an extremely ouchy-hot slice of pizza the other night. Who says you don’t learn anything at RtB?

And there we have it. A good week ahead — gofrit, fiends. :-)


6 thoughts on “Ready, steady…

  1. Suzanne

    Hey I did that to my rugae,too! Burned them after eating a HOT piece of pizza. DER.

    Making plans for October but it looks like I will becoming alone. Deets when I know fersher.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      DERP. This is really painful, LOL. What a couple-a dorks. And YAY for October plans!! Any idea at all on days yet??


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