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Andre Agassi must not care about titles that might be retroactively revoked. The fact that the world now knows he lied in 1997 to tennis officials about taking crystal meth doesn’t seem to bother him. Meh. Thumbs up to another reason why pro sports/entertainment figures should not possess role model status.

What bothers me is a memoir written in present tense. “So then my manager calls me and says…” Ugh. Forget attacking Agassi. Shoot his editor.


I think Donny Osmond has one of the most amazing crooner voices of all time. Stunning.


One down, 81 to go. Come on, boys.


FOX News is biased. So is MSNBC. Get over it. I mean, be honest. When was the last time you heard a person say to the raving maniac on the other side of the political fence: “Oh, yeah, you’re right. I see what you’re saying. Point for you”? I ask you (rhetorically), how often does the Right say, “The libs have a point”? Or vice-versa? My point is, and no minds were changed. People are exceptionally passionate about their political views. I’m passionate about mine, you can believe it. You just won’t find me trying to beat it into the psyche of the other side, because it generally doesn’t work. Why? Because the other side won’t see your reasoning, no matter how salient and simple you think it is. That’s probably the biggest struggle for some folks. I’ve seen conservatives and liberals alike hold the sides of their heads and wonder why the other side can’t process simple logic. So what if the facts are right in front of their faces? They still won’t get it. They’ll follow so-and-so and thing-and-thing like sheep anyway.

I’m not bashing the politically zealous, mind. Nor am I poo-pooing political discourse, because I know it shapes a nation. I do think we should cleave to what we think is right and just and good for our country. I just think it would be really nice if everyone agreed on exactly what that was. *sigh* “Pollyanna! Time fer dinner!”


And that is all for today. I love having the early morning off. Time for some Dunkin Donuts coffee and I dunno…mebbe some ham.


2 thoughts on “RNF XXVIII

  1. Stein

    I find it refreshing that Agassi actually came clean on his crystal meth usage. I would like for the ATP to get a little involved to see if this wasn’t the case in years other than just 1997. (In ’97 he never won any major titles, and a player with his track record only cares about those grand slams.) Seeing tennis as I grew up, I never understood why Agassi went from the bad boy that would wear whatever color he wanted and have long, greasy hair at wimbledon to the man who shaved his head and wore only black or only white. (Not wearing white at Wimbledon is somewhat of a tennis faux-pas.)
    The American two-party system is ultimately flawed. The fact that it is called a two-party system, yet we have a multitude of minor players, is a falacy within itself. People get in these ruts now, more so than ever before in American history, where they will vote or agree with someone only because of their political affiliation. Here’s a minor solution… Get rid of the party system, get rid of the electoral college (Gore won the majority of american votes in 2000), and let democracy actually BE a modern representative democracy. In my humble opinion . . .


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