Robert who…? II

I’m doing a unit on the blues for my 5th grade music class. They’re enjoying it, and so am I, actually. This week, they’re writing their own verses, some of which I get behind the keyboard and sing for them. It makes them laugh.

My raison d’etre: amusing a group of 10-year-olds. Go ahead. Mock.  :P

Yesterday, I showed one class two photos of Robert Johnson. (Who is Robert Johnson? No worries; got ya covered, fiend.) While I talked to them about Johnson’s life and mysterious death, I passed the pictures around. I said, “Check out the length of his fingers.” The kids were blown away, which made me laugh. They couldn’t get over it, or stop talking about it.

“They look like alien fingers!”
“He has E.T. hands!”

Hahaha. Anyway, I told them that the photos they were looking at were the only two existing pictures of Johnson. Turns out I was wrong. I have since learned that a third photograph was authenticated just this year. I’ll have to bring that one in to show them.

My mentioning this blues unit at dinner with Lars last night sparked a lively conversation about blues altogether, and we talked at length about one of our all-time favorite players, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Gone way, way too soon. But that’s a subject deserving of its own post on its own day — maybe come the 3rd of October, his birthday.

And now I fly. More 5th grade craziness this afternoon. Are you having a good day?

3 thoughts on “Robert who…? II

  1. RD

    I wish I’d had a fifth grade music teacher like you. You make it so interesting for the kids. I was gonna say that I wish you’d been my fifth grade music teacher, but that would really through off the chronology! :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha that would be kind of bizarre, yes? And you can come to my 5th grade music class anytime! :P

      1. RD

        “Throw” not “through”! I do know better. I ought to proof read my comments before I submit them! See why I enjoy your Spanglish rants :)


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