Sleigh bells ring

And here we go…

The first real snow shower of the year. It hasn’t happened quite yet, but it’s on the way today.

Tonight is the band concert, and the track record for weather-related cancellations is amazing, although it should be no problem tonight. I’ve had to cancel a choir concert only once in my career (2007), but the poor band at my school has been hit hard. Two or three cancellations that I can remember.

Hard to believe Texas had snow before we did. Ross, aren’t you in Houston? Did people (drivers) flip out? BoomR, how bad was it in Dallas?

I hope the roads are all right in general this holiday, with my children and their spouses driving everywhere. I also hope it’s nice weather on Christmas morning, when the Thriller and I take off for Detroit. Greektown Casino gave us two free nights in the hotel, free meals, and $250 in cash. How cool is that? It’s an offer we cannot refuse. Merry merry indeed. It will be the first major road trip for the LowVeo — the warm-up round for the biggy in July. Thumbs up.

Alas, I cannot think about all this today. I have a wonderful day at school to look forward to, with nine more wonderful days after that. And I still don’t have a Dinner Theatre audition piece ready. Think I ought to get going on that, since auditions are on the 17th? Yeah, probably.

Last night’s feast with Kay was great fun! It is a Slovenian tradition to bring gifts on the night of um….er….dang I forget what it’s called, but it’s basically a giving-of-gifts night before Christmas, since the 25th is a religious holiday only. Anyway, we all got PEZ. Awesome, da?

Finky the snowman, over and out

4 thoughts on “Sleigh bells ring

  1. BoomR

    Fortunately when we get snow, it’s usually the big wet puffy flakes. And gone by noon or mid-afternoon because it just hasn’t been cold enough for an extended period of time. Having said that, we do get some NASTY ice storms. Now THAT makes people just turn all stupid when they’re out driving in it (“Maybe if I drive faster on this ice, I’ll get to where I’m going quicker & avoid getting into a wreck”). Bridges & overpasses (and there are a LOT) are the first to get really tricky.

    We northerners who live here (but grew up driving on snow & ice) just shake our heads at all the silly southerners who have no clue as to how to drive in this stuff :-)

    I posted a little video clip on FB of the snow coming down the other day – didja see it? :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      No, I didn’t see it! I will have to check it out when I get home tonight (I’m at school, getting work done while I wait for the band concert to start. Remember those days??)


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