Sometimes I like Mondays.

Like today, for instance. While most everyone else goes back to work, I don’t. I like that. Actually, I am going to work, but not because I have to. Am I mental?

And sometimes, I must admit that I experience a bit of schadenfreude. Actually, I did this morning. Sorry, fiends: I have little tolerance for our boy Kanye West (sorry Kodye). For the record, I also hate the moronic South Park, but I gotta tell ya I laughed when I read that West got his comeuppance from the SP writers when they lampooned (read: lambasted) him on Wednesday’s episode for being completely and utterly out of touch, arrogant and narcissistic.

And honestly — “” ??? Who thought up that gem? Hmmm. Bet I know.

All right. In his defense, he appears to have taken the South Park slam to heart (bout time, Yeezy), by saying in his blog, in all CAPS (which I won’t do here):

[I need to] get past myself. I just want to be a doper person which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am.”

Well. There it is.

Head-scratcher: It took an idiotic, perverse cartoon to convince him that he’s a schmuck? And please, don’t post the Andy Kauffman “it’s all an act” theory. I will blast you. Too much evidence to the contrary. But again…some of his antics are borderline entertaining. Can you get through the following video (shot in Paris after he debuted his Louis Vuitton-inspired sneakers at a fashion show) without thinking “man on crack?”

Heh. Silly, but not surprising, coming from a guy who says his only regret is not being able to watch himself perform live.

Kanye, baby — there’s gotta be a way. Keep working on it.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes I like Mondays.

  1. Meg

    Wow. Don’t get me started. Kanye (and all his buddies alike). Is. Worthless.

    Go make some real music you idiot…oh wait…ya can’t.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ha…Meggy, tell us how ya really feel, now. :-)

      Outside of the AutoTune abuse, I don’t have a problem with his art. It is what it is. Not my bag, but you know…neither is broccoli.

      I do, however, have a huge problem with his being such a boorish jackass that he pees on his dressing room floor because he’s too lazy to find a men’s room, or that he refers to himself as the “voice of this generation,” thereby giving ammo to the ridiculous stereotypes held by many Europeans and Asians that all Americans are just like him.

      1. Meg

        Agreed, Fink. But like I said…don’t get me started.
        Let’s refer to my comment on the last Kanye post, “Various & Sundry VII”…’member dat? Psssh.

        Hope ya had a good Easter, Fink. :)

  2. kodye

    I use to stand up for Kanye… then he discoverd Auto-tune, made “808’s and Heartbreaks”, and decided he wasn’t a rapper anymore. I’d say he earned the giant ego he has because he makes amazing album after amazing album… but “Love Lockdown” came and ruined that. :( The sad thing is, I really did agree with most things Kanye said “Best Rapper Alive”, concur. “Louis Vuitton Don”, absotluely. “Gayfish”, no way.

    And Meg, to say Kanye can’t make “real music” is a little ridiculous. Go listen to Late Registration. “Real Music” galore on that album. Might I recommend “Touch The Sky” featuring Lupe Fiasco. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Totally agree, Kodye…with one minor exception.

      To earn a giant ego is one thing. To foist its poison on the very people upon whose financial backs you tread to be where you are (namely, your record-buying fans) is quite another. I dunno…maybe Kanye fans get off on the abuse.

      Kanye could take a lesson from the likes of McCartney, Springsteen, Mellencamp, James Taylor and others who know exactly who put them where they are today. Yeezy need a slapdown and a growup.

  3. Chickenlager Stackhouse

    I hated Kanye until I realized how dearly he cares for himself, truly (I thought it was an act before). And until just now, I hadn’t given him much credit.

    Anyways, Fink, you’ve really opened my eyes. Thanks!

  4. Conger

    Ha, the only reason I’ve ever heard of this guy is because he has a pretty sweet remix of a Daft Punk song. Techno/House ftw.

  5. Krissy

    I never really understood why people like rap. It is a bunch of people chanting about obscene things. What’s the fun in that?


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