Still on about the food

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (sorry Suze – I hope your tuna sammich was tasty!). The holiday itself is rather silly when you think about it: getting together one day a year to be thankful, or worse, to “celebrate” what is one of the most egregious examples of skrooed up history ever, or worst, to see how much you can eat before you lapse into a diabetic coma. Still, I love that we are able to gather together and collectively acknowledge how fortunate we are for food and shelter throughout the whole year. We did that in fine style at the Finkhouse last night. It was great.

We (or I should say, Mavis) dry-brined the turkey this year. I highly recommend it. If you are weary of dry white meat on your bird, then this is the holy g-r-r-r-ail. It was a 4-day ritual, but boy did it pay off. Home run, Mave!

So anyway, still on about the food…

I was on a Slovenian-American site this morning and a link caught my eye. It’s a YouTube vid of a man going to a raw milk machine. A mlekomat. No homogenization; no hormones added. Just raw milk right from Bessie at the farm down the road — put into a milk machine. Is that cool or what?

You’ll see the guy in the video first purchase an empty bottle, then put it in the machine, and presto — raw milk. I’ll bet it’s funny to see one of these on a country road out in the middle of nowhere.

Just a little Black Friday weirdness for ya.

5 thoughts on “Still on about the food

  1. Mavis

    We did indeed have a marvelous Thanksgiving! I did the brining, but it was your idea, Finkster. We hit that one right out of the park.

    Hmm. Raw milk on the go. Maybe the schools need to replace the soda machines with these doozies. Just sayin.

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks, Lin, my tuna sammich was wonderful.

    That mlekomat really caught my eye and I did some further searching on it and found this website

    The last paragraph I found interesting. See, I stopped drinking milk quite a few years ago for two reasons–unhealthy and the treatment of cows to get said milk is just horrific. Raw milk from cows that are treated well is the way to go but it’s difficult to find. Anyway, every once in awhile my FIL and his g/f will bring up how he just loves loves loves milk and has drank a liter every day for many many many many years because it’s so healthy. I once made the mistake of saying that we stopped drinking milk due to the reasons I stated and gawd almighty did they get defensive!!!! Well surprise surprise FIL had to have a quadruple (!) bypass earlier this year. Of course he would never admit that it comes from milk because he believes it is healthy. I’d love to share this article with him but he wouldn’t believe me anyway and keep drinking his liter of milk everyday. Gag.

  3. BoomR

    Wow – had no idea!! I was fascinated similarly by vending machines (sodas, candy, etc) when I would go to Finland – I could buy stuff using my cell phone. Nokia actually helped make the technology that would “cell-phone-enable” such machines :-) I love my gadgets!!


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