Stop it.

I have got to stop reading Common Core stuff in the morning. It just makes me mad.

And speaking of mad…I need to go start aggregating data for this useless dog-and-pony test-’em-to-death “if you can’t count it, it doesn’t count” clown parade. I’ll be at my dining room table if you need me.

Thank the gods for a break in the rage at 1:00, when we get to go celebrate Jake’s birthday. After that, however, it’s back here, all day, all long, all attitude.

But hey — GO TRIBE! :-D

2 thoughts on “Stop it.

  1. David

    I watched an interview the other day on Fox News about Common Core and I must say I came away from it scratching my head at the idiocy and the absolute lack of any positive impact on the education of our kids. This is a dumb idea!

    I wish you peace this weekend…us pensioners are heading to Ireland and Scotland for 13 days in just over 24 hours from now…whoooo hooooo!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’m sure you won’t see this until you check in and put your feet up somewhere, but enjoy your trip!! Post photos!

      And yes, I’ll be here waiting, drowning in government idiocy.


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