Temperature in Hades: 31

Yep, fiends — it froze over. The Thriller and I went out and bought a Wii system for the grandsons.

I originally swore to never have one in the house, because I knew the two of us could be too easily drawn in by the blinking lights and other shiny things that video games use to Svengali and Rasputinize the unsuspecting, innocent citizenry. But there we were, in the Game Stop, buying the Wii and three games (Madden ’13 and Bigfoot for the boys; and Dance Dance Revolution for Grammie — please don’t picture it in your mind).

Actually, the shopping trip was fun. We took the boys with us so they could pick out their games. It was a true kid-in-the-candy-shop experience (for the Thriller as well). When we got home, they took to unpackin’ and settin’ up:

Jake was on batteries, the Thriller assembled hardware, and Justin read the instructions. :-)

Jake was on batteries, the Thriller assembled hardware, and Justin read the instructions. :-)


After a few stops and starts, the first game was underway:

They played and played. Then they put in the Madden game, and the three of them laughed as the Cleveland Browns were penalized for delay of game over and over and over because Jake couldn’t get the play selection made fast enough, HA. And art imitates life…

Happy Sumday! Before getting back to work this evening, I’m finally going to see Les Mis at the matinee with my cinementor, Tom Hanks. Reviewin’s brewin’.


2 thoughts on “Temperature in Hades: 31

  1. PKPudlin

    I know whatcha mean, sister. I now share a house with a television – something that hasn’t happened since – geez – a long, long time ago. Now, 3 months later, I’m ready to ditch the beast…. thank goodness the living room has doors I can close.

    By the bye, we never read the instructions for anything – it’s an old Pudlin family tradition. Grandpa (with an engineering degree from Dartmouth) used to say he didn’t need instructions. “I just fiddle with it until I figure it out or break it.” Of course he never broke anything – he was just that kind of smart.

    Enjoy your Wii, and may it never find itself sailing out the window. :)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ahhh, I’d forgotten you were anti-TV! And you haven’t thrown it into the dumpster yet!

      Your Granddad would have been bored to death with today’s wizard-driven set-up modules. Nothing to figure out! Now the games themselves…those would have given him a run for his money. But funny how Grandpa Thriller asks the questions and a 5-year-old answers. That’s becoming more and more commonplace!

      I thought I’d be fine with the Wii, until Stein told me on FB that Jeopardy was also available. Yeesh………………………


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