They can send a man to the moon…

…but they cannot for the life of them sort this thing. That doesn’t mean we’re throwing in the towel, however. Not by a long shot.

Our visit to the oncologists on Thursday wasn’t the greatest. It appears that the cancer, despite chemotherapy, gamma knife surgery, and Opdivo treatments, has spread. It’s also invaded his liver and spinal cord. You can see on this screen shot, comparing his CT scan from last week to his first one back in May, that the evil stuff is trying its best to take over.

It’s no wonder he struggles to breathe and eat. It continues to squeeze his trachea and esophagus. But there’s a plan for that…

On Monday, he goes back to Cleveland to have a radiation treatment on his chest. It should relieve the pressure he feels when he tries to breathe, although 24/7 oxygen and breathing treatments at home are helping. He has some minor pain between his shoulder blades, and is taking several steps to alleviate it. That’s also helping.

Dr. Velcheti said that if the radiation treatment gives him some breathing relief, we can restart some chemo to attack the other places. We continue to keep hope alive, because this fight isn’t over. I confess that sometimes, in my more angry moments, I think about how unfair this all is; how it’s putting a serious dent in our plans for retirement that we’ve fantasized about for years. I still plan on renting that RV and road-tripping it to California to see Bob and Kay — a trip we’ve wanted to take for quite some time. The Thriller is all for it, and we can take as much time as we like. We can also take all his gear (oxygen, wheelchair, meds) easily as well. I want this for him. I want this for me. ForĀ us.

In the meantime, we continue to be the recipients of incredible love and encouragement and prayer. You’re a part of that circle of support, and I thank you for that.

Till next update…much love,


7 thoughts on “They can send a man to the moon…

  1. Lynette

    I hate that you’re both having to deal with this. I hate that this awful disease is in the world. I hate that so many people have to fight this fight. But I do love that in all of it, God is in control and He can take care of my hate for this. My prayers are that you can lean on Him and let Him have control. I hope you take that trip…

  2. Debi Lewis

    so glad him and you have a positive outlook during this time, that is all about the healing process, prayers continue for relieve to hubby everyday and strength for you my dear every day.. hang in there !

  3. Darice

    The plans for tomorrow make today seem incredibly long and unkind…sending much love and admiration to you both. Forward. Always. <3

  4. Jarrod

    There are monuments and structures in this world that are impenetrable. While many are made of stone – some are made of tissue. The Thriller is one of these amazing impenetrable beings. I continue to pray for him, for you, for us. For he is a part of all of us, and he makes all of us better versions of ourselves. I’m sending love and light, my friend. Just wish there was more I could do for the two of you.

    Give him my best, and let him know that he never stands – not that he needs to be reminded with you, Cheryl, the kids at his side. But, I felt the need to say it.


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