Thoughts on a chilly Sunday

Obligatory weather app screenshot of current conditions that everyone who lives in the upper half of the country feels compelled to post on social media.

Cold, you say? Wind chills don’t scare me. (Unless I have to be outside shoveling the walks.) We live in the Great Lakes region, and it gets cold here; I know that. It’s not a big deal for temps to be in the single digits. But for two winters in a row, it’s been unusually cold. I mean, downright close-the-churches-and-schools, brain-freezing bitter cold, with great huge blowing winds that can frostbite a child waiting for the bus within seconds. Crazy, mayne.

Last night, I wanted to order a pizza for dinner, but couldn’t pull the trigger. I felt terrible for the person who would have to deliver it. Am I mental? I just couldn’t do it. So we ate leftover Dunkin’ Donuts for dinner. I am not making this up. Ask the Thriller. In fact, I joked with him that this was yet another reason why we’re so well-suited for one another: I don’t know any other man who would join me in eating nothing but donuts for an entire day. Granted, we don’t do it very often, but I had to admit it was fun. And yes, I was back on the treadmill at 7:00 this morning. Erk.

We won’t do anything like that today…because he finished off the last two donuts with his coffee this morning. Nuts. Back to the old grind. *sigh*

So, this 50 Shades of Grey craziness. May I share a confession here? When the book first came out, I noticed on my Facebook feed that the reactions were of the dreamy, can’t-stand-to-put-it-down variety, like it was a sweeping romance of the Nicholas Sparks ilk.

Hahaha. Yarite.

As the days went by, I began to notice a pattern. Many of the dreamy, can’t-put-it-down comments were from women around my age (let’s call it the 40-60 range). So I did some research on the plot. Um…a novel steaming with BDSM, and moms can’t stop posting about it? Isn’t that a little — I dunno — private? And isn’t it a bit too much info for kids to be reading about on social media?

There we go:  my geezerism is showing. But even if I were “into” erotica (and it’s fine if you are; no aspersion casting here), would I want my sons and daughters-in-law to be reading my over-the-top, drooly posts about it? Eww, people! Keep it to your dang self! *shudder* Now I don’t paint myself as a prude, and I hope I don’t come across as such. I’d like to think I’m a pretty tolerant person with regard to how secks and noodity figure into art (although from the reviews I’m reading, it’s somewhat of a tempest in a teapot, and that by today’s “standards,” it’s not all that shocking). But for real: …and I LOVED the part where he got out the handcuffs and… OK shhh. Just…shhh.

Maybe it’s not even that. Maybe it’s the unbearably annoying theme song — a slowed-down, analog-overdriven, affected remix of seriously, Beyoncé? — that makes me mad. Please stop saying uh-oh all shecksy and pouty-mouth and chin down and eyes up at the camera. Please. We know it’s a naughty movie. Spare us the overlong exercise in glottal attacks.


All right, enough of that. What else this morning? Oh, yes. The anti-high-stakes-testing movement is really growing legs in this country. I like it. Interesting what can happen when regular folks decide enough is enough.

Have a great day, fiends, and if you’re in my neck of the woods: stay inside!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on a chilly Sunday

  1. Suzanne

    Darling you are not a prude! The only thing I knew about FShoG was what I reading on Facebook posted by yes, the same age group of women you mentioned, and I thought “whaaaat??” and No thanks! And now a movie?? HAA No way part two! That Beyoncé clip just made me laugh. Yikes.

    Y’all are having some mighty good winter weather there. I hope it ends soon! :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh yeah, there are three parts to this, I think. I watched a longer trailer to get a better idea of what it was all about, and I’m still kind of fuzzled as to what the drawing point is. All I know is that it took in over $80M in its opening weekend. Yeesh!

  2. Ross

    As a former pizza delivery driver who brought pies to houses in thunderstorms and wondered “wtf is wrong with these people nobody should be driving in this weather” I applaud you.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yet another piece of Ross history revealed…

      I never delivered food, but I worked as a waitress, and often wondered the same thing when I had to drag it into work: “Why on earth would people be out in weather like this? STAY HOME!”

  3. David

    I tried reading the Fifty Shades…lasted about 100 pages and was simply bored to the point of exhaustion and put it down, so the movie holds no attraction. Never mistaken for a prude I just think all that stuff is private between partners and should stay there.
    I do think you need to find out who ticked off Mother Nature…cause you guys have been down right Arctic! Stay warm and safe!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well here’s another snow day to make up, with likely one more to follow. We’re already into June for makeup days. Blah!

      And you read 100 pages more than I did. I’m usually a big fan of not forming an opinion on books you haven’t read, but from all my research on it, I think it’s one I can safely pass on.


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