Timmy and J.D. at it again

And it’s based on one of my all-time faves: Dark Shadows.

PK and I both saw the same article that quoted Burton confirming the rumor at Comic-Con last week.

You know, you either love TB/JD movies or you hate them. I’ve never spoken to anyone who had a resolutely ambivalent view. Maybe that person is reading this now — if so, feel free to weigh in. (Not that it will make me adore JD any less…)

Burton and Depp are pigeonholed lately; maybe it’s their own fault. Probably is. But why not do what you do best? People can yammer on about it being the “same old thing,” but let’s face it: these boys are wealthy beyond what you and I could likely ask or think, da? Somebody likes their stuff. So what’s the problem? Ah, I know. Everybody need a little schadenfreude in their day once’t in awhile. They want to see successful people fail.

Clearly, not everyone is a fan. I laughed when I read this comment on the above article:

Johnny Depp is a talentless egomaniac who makes puerile remakes of classic movies in a never-ending quest for the almighty dollar. Tim Burton is also a talentless hack, so the two were made for each other.

Personally, I could substitute any number of actor/director names – couldn’t you? It’s all good, and opinions are like…well, you know. Anyway, back to Dark Shadows.

I listed it as #9 on my Top Ten TV Shows According to Me post over a year ago. (Of course, that was before I started really getting into Mad Men.) If you read through the explanation of the Barnabas character over at Wikipedia, you will see what a complicated and unusual series it was for the late sixties/early seventies. I never missed a single episode if I could help it. It was great because it came on at like 3:30, along with other soaps. Fortunately, my mom’s soap operas were over with by that time, so Mavis and I came in from outsideĀ  faithfully every weekday to watch it. I’m surprised she let us, truthfully, what with all manner of evil and vampires and scary moments and zombies & such in every episode. I was like eight years old when I started watching it.

Although I sport a small bias, I think JD will be equally dreamy and creepy as Barnabas Collins. So what if it’s another remake? Haters, anyhow.

Hey, Jake and I had a ball yesterday. He loves his alphabet computer game. Such a lil genius…

Mavis comes over today, and we’re starting the lasagna for the feast tomorrow night. Like me some Italian food. Thank the gods it’s Finkday — have some fun this weekend, fiends. Happy Birthday to the Thrilla….

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13 thoughts on “Timmy and J.D. at it again

  1. Greg

    Jonathan Frid as Barnabas was excellent!! As they didn’t do a whole lot of editing, some mistakes made it on the airwaves–like an off-stage prompter feeding a line or a bit of scenery coming apart etc.

  2. Will

    I loved watching Dark Shadows when they reran it on Sci-Fi back in the day. This being a Tim Burton movie, I wonder who Helena Bonham Carter is going to find herself playing. Considering her ability to play people of varying sanity and morality, she would make an awesome Angelique.

  3. BoomR

    I was just checking over at hulu.com to see if they had the original episodes. They only have 1 season of what appears to be a remake? Did you know about this? When/where did it originally air?

    HAPPY B’DAY, Thriller!! I think we need a little video clip of the white gloved one doing a little crotch-grab & then spin on his toes & heels…whaddayathink??

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh yes, Boom Boom! The new Dark Shadows with Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins was my TOTAL favorite show until it got canceled because of the Gulf War coverage back in the early 90s or whenever that was. I loved loved loved that show…I was so upset when they pulled it.

      And nope — no grab & spin for the Thriller on his birthday. In fact, the poor guy got banished to the guest room so Jake could have his side of the bed with Grammie! What a gyp, eh??

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I agree, Sam. I guess, no matter what others think/say/opine/yammer on about, he’s just our “flavor” of director.

      1. Suzanne

        Speaking of Johhny Depp–I watched that Gilbert Grape movie today–cool movie. Liked him and Leo. Boy if I ever needed an incentive to lose this extra weight watching that movie over and over will do it! Don’t want nobody having to burn down a house because they are too embarassed to have me cremated in public. :)

  4. TRO

    I’m a big TB/JD fan, but Depp is who fascinates me most. I really feel he is one of our greatest actors today.


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