Um…hey. Guys.

I don’t claim to be the brightest note in the measure, and I ain’t no Brainy McSmartyman. But come real close; I have something to tell you.

If you don’t want stuff you’ve said to come back and bite you later, then DON’T MAKE IT SO FOLKS CAN REPRODUCE IT.

The reasoning behind it baffles me. What could they have possibly been thinking? I can only surmise that the following (among others) simply couldn’t imagine the other party ever turning on them:

  • Tiger Woods, golfer
  • Mel Gibson, actor
  • Marion Barry, former mayor of Washington, DC
  • Brett Favre, Vikings quarterback

There are many more, and you don’t have to be famous to have it happen to you. All the above are in trouble via their cell phones. We pretty much know too much information about Gibson and Woods. The other two are providing tantalizing fodder for the wag mags right now — especially Mr. Favre, who is not commenting on allegedly sending a woman pictures of his, um…yeah.

But the cake is baked and taken by Marion Barry. Talk about a survivor — er somethin. Gotta hand it to the voters of the District of Columbia: they’re a forgiving bunch. The man’s rap sheet is a mile long, and he was still elected to public jobs. And if these are for real, nobody should ever make fun of George Bush’s malapropisms again. HA. True or not, I laffed out loud.

Aw, man. Nuts. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. :-)

Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is that if you don’t want to be bitten later, don’t record it for posterity now. There was a case about 10 years ago in my town, where a 27-year teacher lost everything (job, license, retirement) because of an inappropriate letter he wrote to a female high school student while on the faculty. She kept it and presented it later, I’m assuming when she thought the time was right.

Lord knows I am not Little Miss Can’t-Be-Wrong or a perfect angel. I just hope I can resist the temptation to respond to someone out of anger or heat-of-the-moment carelessness via my phone or email. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid doing it — especially for people like me, who can be reactionary.

Still…ick. Life lesson.

It’s Wemsday. Rehearsals are my life. I am late. Goodbye?

Fink, losin’ it

4 thoughts on “Um…hey. Guys.

  1. Rae

    You will be shocked to know that HWSNBN’s favorite “I’m-gonna-prove-you-wrong” website is Maybe you two have more in common than you think! ::grimmace:: ::ducks from hurling objects::

  2. Greg

    Not sure if this fits in with mis-statements but an ad appeared in last night’s Sandusky newspaper listing various items for sale: antique stuff mostly and was supposed to end with : “Serious inquiries only” but the newspaper, and their highly literate staff printed instead: “Serious injuries only!”


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