Uneven Pavement

That’s how I feel this morning: like a patch of bumpy sidewalk. Off center; unbalanced.

I know why. I always know why, right after Thanksgiving. Today marks the insane push to 23 December — the first day of Christmas break. I just need to keep calm and carry on. (I have to get that poster for my classroom.) I think I’m in good company with other secondary music teachers, as the month of December is historically stressful. While I only have three performances, the actual music (which is always a concern) takes a back seat to getting the concert space ready, hiring and writing music for rhythm section players, writing & copying the programs, dealing with other logistical problems, and finally, putting in some practice time myself on accompaniments. It’s a lot of self-imposed pressure, I admit. But there nonetheless. I get ooky in my stomach just thinking about it.

However, this too shall pass. It has passed for the last 18 years of my public school career; no reason why it shouldn’t this time. I just hate that uneven¬†feeling, you know? Like the pieces aren’t falling into place. But fall they will, and I’ll survive yet another Christmas concert season. Eight more… :-)

Now to get to the school house in my fancy rental car (a black Chevy HHR, which PK said looks like a hearse) without crashing into the thundering herds of deer fleeing from the camo people on the second day of gun season. Oi.

2 thoughts on “Uneven Pavement

  1. Country Mouse

    Love the keep calm and carry on theme – I should have it pasted to my forehead for all to see!! Wishing you well during your crazy, hectic December schedule. Looking forward to the concerts – I have them on my calendar!


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