And away I go, leaving the prairie. Much of what I drive this morning will look like this (taken on the way to Lincoln on Monday):

And that was just minutes outside of Crete, where Doane College is located. Beautiful country out here for sure.

I’m bugged because I only got about 4 hours of sleep, though. Not good when you have an 8-hour drive ahead of you. My brain gets going and I can’t shut it off, and the more I try to go back to sleep, the more sleep evades me. You know the drill, I’m sure. I just have to stop thinking thoughts that bug me. And a lot of stuff bugs me.

Still, I had a great time the last five days. I told the Thriller on the phone last night that this was a fantastic experience all the way around for me. Lots of good things happened.

All right then, fiends. To infinity and beyond. Or at least to what has become my daily haunt: the Káva House Café drive-through for a sugar-free skinny vanilla latte.



2 thoughts on “Vamos

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah it does ring a bell, don’t it. Except this road goes for as farrrrrr as the eye can see. It is actually kinda creepy. Like you wouldn’t ever want to break down out there at night.


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