Various & Sundry VI

After school the other day, one of my fellow pedagogues threw a paper airplane at me. It got serious airtime. I’d forgotten totally about it until (somehow) I ended up on Ken Blackburn’s site this morning. This guy holds the Guinness World Record for keeping a paper airplane aloft: 27.6 seconds. Yowza.

In service to the public, here is a recipe for building a simple, effective airplane to get you started on your way to breaking Blackburn’s know, just in case you don’t have enough to do.


You need to make one of these while wearing this while you shoot this. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Goodbye Kitty series. These are featured on my white board at school. (Helen knows just what gifts to give. Possibly my all-time fave from her is my beloved “Cat-a-pult” kitten launcher. Awesome.)


I must admit, though. I love cute bunnies.

All right. Back to the real world. Have a great week…and happy birthday to Mavis!

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7 thoughts on “Various & Sundry VI

  1. Stein

    Rabbits disgust me. What they eat looks exactly like their poop. Does that black and white bunny remind anybody else of Harry Potter?

  2. Ross

    good to hear about paper airplanes again. are they making a comeback or did they never leave? either way, for work I have to have a Guinness Records Book on hand, and it claims the largest paper airplane that actually flew had a 45 foot wingspan. Spruce Goose eat your heart out.

  3. mathman

    I have made that sme record setting airplane but mine did not fly as well as the original. I used to do a project in my class on distance and speed with paper airplanes. I find them to be very interesting

  4. skylar

    mr. stein, that’s horrible… rabbits are cute. so are cats. I do love the Goodbye Kitty things, though. what would you do if someone happened to get you a cute “Cat-a-Day” calendar? :P ha!

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    @ Ross – a 45-foot wingspan on a plane made of paper is incredible. I read somewhere else about that awhile back, too.

    @ Mathman – I wonder if Hong or Oney would like to use some of Blackburn’s lesson plans he has on his site.

    @ Skylar – good to see your comments, lady!

  6. BoomR6969

    I just figured out why PC users hate Macs so much!! Maybe if you could get a MacHelloKitty version or mod your Mac so that it’d be ultra-Kitty-Kool, there’d be more peace between the Mac & PC communities!

    I can’t wait for you to dip your toe in the dark side!!! :-) ((HUGGZZZZ))

    …and one last thing related to a previous day’s post (your “list”) – don’t forget about making plans for a stop in the Big D for New Years – I’m buying you & yours a HUGE steak at Chamberlain’s!!!


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