Various & Sundry XIX

  1. I am going to buy this. The man lived an amazing life; I’m interested in what his take on it will be. I’m also partial to bios. Right now, I’m reading Don’t Mind if I Do, by George Hamilton. Great stuff — entertaining and light, very much unlike Lennon: The Life, which took me all summer to get through.
  2. Don’t hassle the Hoff. I’m glad he’s all right.
  3. You could waste an awful lot of time playing with Google’s Easter eggs. Not that I’d know.
  4. I’ve gotten some feedback: Beatles Rockband is fantastic. I simply must have it.
  5. I watched the premiere of Heroes last night. Man, I gotta catch up on stuff. I’m completely lost.
  6. I have asked this question many times.

I wonder about many more things this day, but alas, I’m out of time. Feel free to add to my list from your own brain.


17 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XIX

  1. BoomR

    RE: #6 – I think the guys who get wrapped up in their little sex scandals behind the scenes while publicly espousing “family values” or fighting against things like gay marriage in order to “protect the sanctity of marriage” deserve no forgiveness in the political arena. Mark Sanford is a Grade AAAA example of this…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I totally agree on the subject of personal hypocrisy, talking out both sides of the mouth, etc. And it transcends bedroom behavior, as you know. Saying one thing and doing another seems to be the political l’├ętat des affaires. I am convinced it knows no party boundaries.

      Actually, I was just wondering why Clinton — along with others, from both parties — was “forgiven,” and John Edwards wasn’t.

      Now Mark Sanford…poor guy’s just a loon. I think he needs help, and he needs to get it outside of public/political life.

      I have a healthy fear of trying to even entertain the possibility of thinking of myself as high and mighty, because those types of people take the biggest falls.

      And, as you and I have discussed at great length, the looking-down-the-pointy-nose syndrome is also prevalent in another powerful, longstanding American institution that shall not be named here today (lest it fuel unwelcome fires!).

      Do I love you? Yes I do. Now back to eating my lunch.

      1. BoomR

        I agree with you on the “…knows no party boundaries” as of late. I think the whole world has just gone whacko (except for you & I and the RtB tribe). And I catch myself way too often having that thought of being “high & mighty” & need to dial myself down a few notches, lest I get a karmic jolt of reality of my own…

        What’s for lunch, doll? Tuna salad sammiches?? :-)


        1. Rat Fink Post author

          Chicken veggie soup with brown rice (Mavis made it)! And “karmic jolt”…you have got to copyright and market that as something! HAA

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        And…John Edwards is WAY CUTER. That, like, makes no sense to me. Bill is homely…John is handsome…what’s to think about? Forgive JOHN!

  2. Kay

    Hey I want to read Kennedy too so don’t sell it on – then can we talk politics?

    Lunch sounds good – we are just eating supper after a GLORIOUS hike on the top of the world

    love you

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha…YES you can read the Kennedy book when I’m done, and NO we cannot talk politics because you’re TOO CUTE to waste time talking about politics with! I say we spend our time with cooler subjects like books, gardening, movies, and of course, Johnny Depp.

      JUST KIDDING. Of course we can talk politics. What’re them?

      What’s for dinner tonight in Slo-people-land?

  3. Ross

    I think that the Judeo-Christian spirit of forgiveness tends to dominate our collective culture, to the point that marital transgressions are forgiven provided the ‘sinner’ pay penance in a public forum. For some reason this gesture is validating, no matter how ugly the sin. If Edwards really was telling his mistress how he was waiting for his wife to die so they could be together, how heartless can you get?

    Plus I think it may have something to do with cognitive dissonance- how much do we have invested in these figures? Edwards, very little. He’s a one-term senator and a failed Prez candidate. I would expect him to done, largely because the Dems don’t want anything to do with him. The more we have invested in them, the more we’re willing to look past their transgressions, chiefly because to do otherwise would be to second-guess ourselves. Just a thought.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Good points all, Ross. “Cognitive dissonance” — takes me back to my ed psych days…

      I was being flippant about John Edwards, probably to a fault (Mathew obviously missed the lame attempt at humor). Truth is, there was a time when we wouldn’t have known intimate secrets about our leaders.

      I wonder what would have happened if the dirty laundry of FDR, Eisenhower and JFK had leaked out to the GP during their power years. I don’t know — maybe nothing. Thing is, it didn’t happen, even though many of the press and their colleagues knew what was going on. That “gentlemen’s agreement” no longer exists. Indeed, the opposite is now in effect, wouldn’t you agree?

      I just find it funny that we are so selective about what and whom we “forgive” in situations like this. Your explanation fits. But it’s still a bit silly.

      It reminds me of the days when my elders were convinced that the rock and roll singers I listened to were morally reprehensible, and most of them probably engaged in lascivious behavior — but somehow, to them, Mozart and Wagner were acceptable to listen to, even in church. HAAA

      1. Ross

        “Gentlemen’s agreement” … as sexist as that good ol boy network seems, there’s something to be said for it. When Teddy died, I was reading this blistering piece about him from 1990 in I think GQ and it mentioned, offhandedly, as though we all knew it, how JFK would have sex with prostitutes in the Lincoln bedroom. I knew he was playing around, but can you imagine that happening today?

        As for those rock and roll singers and their lascivious behavior, I suppose it’s all relative. That said, I recently saw a pic of Mick Jagger from the 60s, I can’t believe how good looking he was back then!

        I think your elders weren’t misguided about Mozart (I have to defend my idol here); sure he had his bawdy moments, but there’s little to suggest he was ever unfaithful in his marriage. Your point nonetheless well taken.

        I have to add that while I’m no Reagan fan at least in terms of policy, I have a lot of admiration for him. And I’ve been reading his Diaries- talk about a guy devoted to his wife. He gets so depressed when Nancy’s not around, you’d think he was ready to hit ‘the button’.

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