Yeesh, where’d the week go?

It’s Finkday already. ┬íNo lo creo! Time’s flying by (and getting tougher than tough…). School year weeks never go this fast, ya know? Anyway, let the flipouts begin.

I laid some “haven’t” science on myself this morning:

  1. Haven’t updated choir tour accounts and details yet.
  2. Haven’t given a single thought to the upcoming Joomla training session, or the wholesale changes that come afterward.
  3. Haven’t done *any* score study or choreography or transpositions for Bye Bye Birdie. Nice.
  4. Haven’t any players for the orchestra yet; don’t even know what kind of pit I want.
  5. Haven’t yet bought the eleventy-thousand-dollar textbook I need for the last class I will ever take in my lifetime.
  6. Haven’t begged the Thriller to get the garden roto-tilled.
  7. Haven’t cleaned those last two closets.
  8. Haven’t seen this much fur come off a dog in one brushing session, ever. Could have made a small sheep out of it. The photos don’t do it justice, honestly; it was all over the yard, just flyin like an eagle till it was free.

However, I also….

  1. Haven’t had this much fun in one summer (with one bad spell, albeit brief) in forever.
  2. Haven’t enjoyed my family and friends this much in a long time.
  3. Haven’t “grown” as much professionally in the last five years as I have over the last few months.

Hmm. Does this have anything to do with turning forty in a couple-a weeks? Not sure I can take all this self-realization and huggery. Cloying.

All right, off to the showers. Meeting my good fiend Stoney at 10:00 for our annual cutting-the-score-to-ribbons session. Me likey.


12 thoughts on “Yeesh, where’d the week go?

  1. BoomR


    Fourty? Clearly all the dog hair flying around the room caused your fingers to slip on the keyboard & mis-type that milestone birthday figure looming in the distance. Take it from me, hitting THIS one is gonna be a walk in the park!

    Nice song quotes, too… “porkchop” – still my alltime favorite RFboid tune, I must admit.

    Happy TGIF darlin’ :-)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Um….what’s a little typo between fiends?


      Love you babe – have a good Friday your own self!

  2. Suzanne

    Forty *smirk hmmphhhggsmirksmirksmirk giggle*

    Always love the dog pics.

    Glad you got to enjoy your summer. :)

  3. Will

    So, when is Birdie? Trying to plan ahead since I’m oddly curious/nostalgic.

    BTW, if you don’t notice a comment for two weeks, its because I’ll be in Montana visiting my mom and dad but I look forward to reading when I get back.

  4. RD

    I could add a couple of haven’ts, but I’ll just add this one — you haven’t checked your birth certificate lately for the year of your birth :-) 40? Hmmmm! On second thought, I like your system — that would make me about 53.

  5. Mavis

    Well, you’ll always be 29 to me, my darling. Be glad it’s Rousseau losing all that hair and not you!

    How much do I love you!!!!!


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