Hello, are we sleeping? No. We’re flipping out at rehearsal and saying things that we are unable to remember several minutes later. I apparently accused my dancers of looking like they’re on crack, and my singers of defecating all over a melody.


I’m not myself these days. Good thing my students have a great collective sense of humor. They must certainly go backstage and laugh at me. At least they’re respectful and quiet during the tirades themselves.

Some cast member whispered a frustrated F-word last night. How do I know this? Because he/she whispered it into a live mic. Oops.

The good part is that the post-rant rehearsal looked much better. Tonight, the orchestra arrives – yay! The insanity will be stratospheric.

I love theater.

Fink on a stretcher

6 thoughts on “:-(

  1. Mavis

    Poor Bird! I can say that because, I’m one of the few that actually see what you go through. No sleep..headaches..tummy upsets…frustration. The list goes on. BUT! I have never ONCE been disappointed after seeing one of your shows. Broadway got nothin’ on you and your crew! I know that behind the scenes, you all go through some chaos. It has never once shown in the performances. So hang in there, luv. It’s all worth it! I’m seeing the show on Friday night and, they’re predicting a rain/snow mix! What better night to get all bundled up and be uplifted by SitR!! Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey thanks, Mave. You definitely see it all — the bad and ugly! Hopefully you’ll see some good Friday night. And I can’t believe you said the “S” word!!!

  2. Suzanne

    ACK Miz Jackson! All will be good in the end. Mavis knows….. :)

    Your posts bring back so many memories of my own High School experiences with musicals and rehearsals in the pit or band.

    One time during a rather frustrating practice for halftime it was rather chaotic. The lead trumpet player was heard to say sh** at a rather inopportune time when the whole band suddenly went quiet. All the director could do was laugh and say “I agree”.

    HA. Fathers and daughters. :)))

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah, I wonder who the “daughter” was! LOL

      Glad my experiences bring back some good memories for you. I know your dad was a big man in music ed…I would like to have known him! XO


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