OK, first: it’s coming along. We’re probably a week away from being ready. Too bad we open tomorrow. Heh heh.


Truly, I’m looking forward to talking about something else besides this show, but as you theater-types know, that’s been 99.9% of my existence as of late. I promise I will write about something else — next week.

Tomorrow, in honor of opening night, I will regale you with trivia that is sure to be muy interesante. Promise.

And now, a random photograph.

Happy Weirdsday.

Fink, looking for my mind…have you seen it?

13 thoughts on “:-|

  1. Kay

    You ALWAYS wish you had another week and the shows are ALWAYS fabulous
    Wishing you giant breaks in the legs and lots of spit over your shoulder!!!

      1. Will

        I features Bea Arthur and singing wookies. It’s so gloriously awful that it’s worth watching once. I’d say it’s like watching a train wreck but that’s insulting train wrecks.

        1. Tom Hanks

          Will is right. Jed gave me a pirated dvd of it complete with a cover. The cover has a real George Lucas quote that reads: “If I had the time and a hammer, I would smash every copy of the Holiday Special.”

  2. Will

    I think you left your mind in the refrigerator, behind the coleslaw, to the left of the milk, and in front of the tuna salad. Oddly enough, your lost left sock is in there also.

    Also, hope your students break a lag.

    1. BoomR

      Clearly you don’t know Fink’s eating habits…otherwise you’d know that it’d be a cold day in h*ll (and a warm day in her fridge) before you’d see coleslaw in there LOL :-)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        You know that’s right, Boom Boom. Cole slaw — ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (However, I’m ashamed to admit that the Thriller loves the stuff…)


      1. Mavis

        Yes, you always DID used to say that! Check the pocket of your jeans. Remember the last surprise you found in there? :0) LOVE YOU MORE THAN SLAW!!!!


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