And while I’m at it…

…I’ll tell you what I think about some TV shows.

Last week I caught the premiere of “Hot in Cleveland.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting…maybe something along the lines of “Golden Girls,” but with a modern twist. I think that’s what I got, although after watching it, something wasn’t quite right.

I suppose I’m not a huge fan of the one-liner sitcom. You know, the “Three-and-a-Half Men” style, where every other line is a rimshot drum kick. I mean, it was funny, don’t get me wrong. But it just lacked — I dunno — sincerity. Does a TV sitcom require sincerity? No. A situation comedy requires situations that are comedic. And there were plenty of those in “HiC,” if not just a bit contrived.

It’s all OK, though. Above all, I think it’s fantastic that middle-aged women are back in style on TV. :-)


Last night, the Thriller and I watched the premiere of “The Gates.” Now I might like this one, I think.

Think “Knots Landing” mixed with “Dark Shadows” mixed with “Desperate Housewives.” In other words, nothing really mindbending — just some spiky, mindless fun. They did a good job of shadowing/foreboding on character issues to establish viewer curiosity. Already, several developing plotlines are evident. I think I’ll tune in again next Sunday.

But for now, I must fly. I hope your weekend was relaxing. Mine was filled with dogs and family and fun. Off we go…

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3 thoughts on “And while I’m at it…

  1. Rae

    Betty White’s role on Boston Legal was pretty hilarious. It’s nice when women (of any age!) say what’s REALLY on their mind. Because she’s older, it’s almost like she’s allowed to say anything she wants. Made for some pretty far-out comedy. I don’t have TV… so I’ll have to research this on…

  2. Rae

    Ok. Watched the pilot of Hot in Cleveland.
    #1 – Too many laugh-out-louds. Without the live audience, I think it would be better when we can pick and choose. It breaks things up too much and makes me NOT want to laugh.
    #2 – The men in Cleveland don’t look like Hank. Meow.


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